BITE is owned and operated by two cousins,

Bethany Disque and Sam Riley.

Growing up, their grandmother taught them the importance of dessert and the magical healing powers of chocolate. Beth and Sam continued their curiosity for baking, learning individually and coming together for fun dessert projects for each family holiday meal. Even though they were both gifted home bakers, they never considered transitioning their passions into professions. 

Then in 2018, a forgotten mini donut maker was given to Bethany by a friend (thanks Jake!). What started as another fun baking project slowly started to get attention. An office party here. A birthday gift there. Next thing they knew, they were being booked throughout New York City and Bite was born. 

Now, Bite specializes in gorgeous, baked mini donuts with unique and innovative flavors. We have our signature offerings, but our seasonal and custom menus are always big head-turners. Catering orders of all sizes are our focus for now as we scale into our next step.  Each catering order comes complete with a customized, hand-painted Bite Board for serving (and saving!). 

We’ve come a long way in just a year and have some more big announcements about what’s next coming soon. We’re so grateful for our die-hard fans for getting the momentum started and hope you guys are ready for a wild ride!